Our Team

Oklahoma City Office

Mike O’Keefe President mokeefe@tmpsok.com
Carla LaPoma Director of HR & Administration clapoma@tmpsok.com
Elescia McGee Finance Manager emcgee@tmpsok.com
Nessie Ford Payroll Supervisor nford@tmpsok.com
Katie Gogets Recruiting/Marketing Supervisor kgogets@tmpsok.com
Dedra Doty Senior Recruiter ddoty@tmpsok.com
Kylee Harrell Staffing Supervisor kharrell@tmpsok.com
Valencia Billingsley Credentialing Specialist vbillingsley@tmpsok.com

Tulsa Office

Maggie Tunnell Director of Staffing Services mtunnell@tmpsok.com
Jamie Brantley Payroll Coordinator jbrantley@tmpsok.com
Jontue Moore Staffing Supervisor jmoore@tmpsok.com
Amy Maish Recruiting/Marketing Supervisor amaish@tmpsok.com
Amber Givings Credentialing Specialist agivingsh@tmpsok.com
Ruby Waugh Special Projects Coordinator rwaugh@tmpsok.com
Karla Winters Staffing Supervisor kwinters@tmpsok.com
Angela Evans Staffing Coordinator aevans@tmpsok.com

Altus Office

Kindra Christon Director of Staffing Services kchriston@tmpsok.com